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Hey There, I'm Seal! I no longer use this account; if you want to contact me add my active account Nos Ex Mod @ Polytoria
Hi, good day/night I design clothing and other stuff. You can check out my clothing site if you want it'll be finished soon.
Hey, I'm Nos You may know me as Seal, my other account. i use this now. Discord -> _bug_
it’s hard to choose the best kind of tea when there are so many possibili-teas
French 🇫🇷🇫🇷 Historian or Heh are my usual names Been on Poly for 2 Years so far Polytoria Site Moderator User of the month in Showcase #13 3rd Highest rank in the Discord server Contributed to solving the 2022 Halloween - 2023 New Year's eve ARGs Owner of the Bod Demo guild - Owner of serial #1 Silly Face and Deer Tophat Wall signatures are appreciated
I like making outfits
Plus Deluxe