"guys boycott me"
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I am not the one you think I was or I am because therefore I was the one to do the thing you thought before you knew I wasn't the one to be the one to be the greatest one out of all the ones because I never knew then but I was not the one to do the greatest of all the ones but I was never the goofy one because I was not Hawli, not PDEL, not Dussekkar, and NOT Ghost.Soldier....

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some game

it's just some game


i was gonna turn this into a difficulty chart but i didn't and besides one already exists

3 0 100%


Some bricks giveaways are coming for members! Requirements for Certified YouTuber rank : - Made a polytoria video for the last 3 months. - At least 2 polytoria videos - At least 100 subscribers - Making a video advertising this guild


rockin that

rock it your way with rockin’ that, the guild that rocks that clothing. [check out starfree]



discontinuation of this here guild happen wowzaz



Sniping them names



Welcome to Trade! Post your good deal here and start to trade with enyone.


Anti Cone Coalition

For cone haters! Sell your cones and leave them that way. Join this group if you are a cone hater.


The Stud Army

Hello, Welcome in the stud army, in this camp, we all hate bricks for taking our land and we want to take it back, if you like bricks, you will be kindly kicked out of this camp, enjoy


The Polytoria Archive Thread

Hi, Welcome to Polytoria Archive, In the server, we archive polytoria history from bloxtopia, Superium and polytoria, we have also archive every single item before the economy reset, the discord link below to find out more


Place achievements are coming soon!