Amazing Incredible Delicious Succulent Values
Leader: Madd

Are you tired of the rich, those at the top of the leaderboard, those who practically own the economy dictating your values? well that will happen no more tahnks to the all new all awesome all awesome all awesome values group Amazing Incredible Delicious Succulent Values.

our values will be all UNBIASED and all revolutionary!!!!!!

current values: Ruby, amythysts and no other cobra corwns- 10 bricks
diamondcobra 🇦🇶🇦🇶🏴☠crown - 11 bricks
normal COBRa crown - 𝝿 bricks
Wooden Egg of Void - 13,460 brick
Apple Egg of Foliage 🥦 - 124,848 bricks
frozen biclops - 62,008.07 bricks
blue glowing eyes - 211 bricks🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬🪬 red glowing eyes 106 bricks and 32 studs
Red Ornamented Ski Mask - it’s a cool ninja mask worth 4,000 bricks and 99 cents
Cone Of Beginnings, 1.1x10 ⁻⁷ BRICKS
Deer Top Hat: 55deer0385 bricks
BANDAGED FACE IS NOw worh 7.82933k bricks 🧱

(spreadsheet not coming soon)

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