"this obby took so long to complete"
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Hey, I'm Index! Have a great day!

PolyAdmin - 1st model of the month showcase
Operation: Sea Cleanup - 3rd place summer game jam 2023

I am not affiliated with Polytoria in any way, my linked socials are a joke.

Index's creations

Infinite Roadtrip

I was bored and made this in about 40 minutes, will not be updated as of now. * no car model because I'm lazy and suck at building

Let's Play! [UPDATE #1]
Let's Play! [UPDATE #1]

Claim your own booth and advertise your game for all to see, find new games to play, or spin the game wheel to go through a random wheel of underrated games! Some suggestions from Emir Feedback from Heh Update #1 (May 14th 2023)'s update logs can be found on Discord in the #creations channel.

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PolyAdmin Testing
PolyAdmin Testing

This game is for users to join & test/play around with the model before adding it to their own game(s). Get started by typing ":cmds" in chat! Model Link: ‎ Discord Server:

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PolyAdmin Rewrite Test Place
PolyAdmin Rewrite Test Place

Join this game to test the upcoming script rewrite for PolyAdmin improving it's speed (possibility of speed increase) and the code in general.

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Operation: Sea Cleanup
Operation: Sea Cleanup

Clean up the ocean and get paid! Be careful though, your oxygen is limited underwater. This game is very unfinished but I will be releasing a new update after the judging period is over (allowing me to update the game). [ CREDITS ] - InsertSoda for moral support - "Beach Party" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License This game was made as a submission for the Polytoria Summer Game Jam 2023.

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