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I say: Have a chance at it because you've come this far.


Ghost.Soldier's creations
Polytoria France

Les Français/Québécois de Polytoria!

Kingdom of Teapots

The great kingdom of the teapots. People with upgrades will be changed to special teapotians so they can speak in the walls.

my realm

welcome to my realm you can discuss stuff here ig have a nice one



jandale jib jibberly fan club

jandale jib jibberly fan club

Dud's Imperial Remnant

This is a personal group I made originally to continue the legacy of a friend's guild, "The Polytovian Empire", overtime the objective has changed and now this group shall be used to upload more military-style clothing and to store any projects I have worked on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Slums: Sisyphus Simulator: Plush: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roblox Group:!/about Discord Server: N/A

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