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Your favorite OG forumer (not really)
I still log in from time to time. I accept all friend requests.
#16 on the forum posts leaderboard as of June 8th 2024

g0dfrey's creations


Welcome to City life! Roleplay, and chill here in a cool place. 3/23/2024: Spring update! The landscape now has a spring ambience. 4/17/2024: The trees are now a purplish color and made to resemble the spring season more accurately 5/15/2024: Added a lighthouse at the end of the map, as well as ocean! 7/5/2024: Summer update! The grass and tree leaves are now a darker shade of green. Also, added a new summer-themed skybox.

Retired Forumers

Welcome to the group of retired forumers. This guild is for retired forumers from all across the SBC, whether you've retired from foruming on Polytoria, Brick Hill or any other sandbox still standing. Talk about your experiences with the forums and interact with people you once knew. Founded July 10th, 2024.


United We Slither.

Sharpy Sniffers

Join if you like the smell of Sharpie's! Looking for admins.

Internet Trolls

Are you an internet troll? Do you like to annoy/pester people? Then this guild is your homebase on Polytoria.

The Rainbow Kingdom

Rainbowraids done: 1 rainbowraiding is going into games and playing them and screenshotting rainbow raid!!! Next rainbow-raid: May 26th, 2024.

user id

join to be ranked on your id, i can still see it



Temple Of Faces

-- 📚Information Hello there 👋🏻! Welcome to the Temple Of Faces. Here find a lot of informations about face as well as an unique ranking system based on your face collection! -- ✨Ranking ⭐0 | Faceless / Not ranked ⭐ 10 | Novice Collector ⭐ 50 | Starter Collector ⭐ 100 | Average Collector ⭐ 150 | Experienced Collector ⭐ 200 | Handsome Collector ⭐ Inf ( Owning Every Faces ) | True collectors How to earn stars 🤔? You earn stars by collecting more and more faces Every faces have a given star value ( I only count 1 faces of every type ) : - Normal faces | ⭐ 5 - Limited Time Faces | ⭐ 20 - Collectibles | ⭐10-40 based on how rare they are --🥳 Faces Stats Face count : 31 - 4 offsale : Clover, Scarface, Vampire, Bloxtopia

Face collectors

new face collector guild named temple of faces this one is out dated! the first and worst face guild How many faces do you have?? (have inventory on or no cool rank real!1!) ranking system if u have under 5 Ur a noob collector if you have 6 - 10 ur a average collector if you have 11 - 19 Ur a pro collector 20 - 26 is a superior collector 27 - 31 is a Unreal collector 32+ is a god collector

Old Users

Joined Polytoria 4 years ago? Join the guild and flex your account age! Joined Polytoria yesterday? Join the guild to become apart of community! You see, to us the preservation of Polytoria is our mission! To obtain the "2018" rank, your join date must be April 14, 2019

The Church Of Teapot

We worship the teapot Ranks are based on how teapot your avatar is and how devoted you are to the cause.


Sniping them names