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Welcome to Egg Hunt 2024

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Reached the Forest

Owned by 488 players

Reached the Sea

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Reached the Desert

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Reached the Caverns

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The End

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Found all Falling Eggs

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Collected All Eggs

WOW!! You truly are the master of hunting eggs! To those brave players who were able to collect all 29 eggs, you have received a special badge on your profile. You've earned it, champ!

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A quartet of colours unrelenting beckons to where it is waiting.

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Polytoria: Egg Hunt 2024

🥚 Get ready for Polytoria's annual Easter Egg Hunt event!
Travel to different biomes, traverse the seas and explore all corners of this year's event map to collect exclusive eggs.

Will you manage to collect all 30 eggs?

Polytoria: Egg Hunt 2024 is available through March 31 to April 14, 2024.
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