Welcome! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

Welcome to the Ultimate Polytoria Difficulty Chart ! Don't rage too much, have fun !

Owned by 473 players

Complete Effortless! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

I hope your not proud of getting this badge, tho i appreciate you playing the game for that long ( 1 minutes averagly )

Owned by 338 players

Complete Easier! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

That still ain't hard ! But congratulations i guess !

Owned by 249 players

Complete Easy! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

Still an easy badge to obtain! Theres a long way to get to the last difficulty.. But don't demotivate yourself !

Owned by 194 players

Complete Medium! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

Now this is beginning to get a little challenge, even if its still possible for most of the peoples ! Congratulations on this one !

Owned by 143 players

Complete Hard! [Ultimate Difficulty Chart]

Wow ! On this one, Im very proud of what you did! Not much will manage to get this one ;) !

Owned by 71 players

Collect Bunny Egg ! [🍳]

You aquired the first egg avalaible in the week 1 of the easter challenges 2024 of The Ultimate Polytoria Difficulty Chart Pretty cute bunny :3

Owned by 35 players

Collect Festive Egg Of Visible Happiness! [🍳]

You aquired the second egg avalaible in the week 2 of the easter challenges 2024 of The Ultimate Polytoria Difficulty Chart He is hiding it but hes so happy seeing that much people playing UPDC ! Thanks y'all for the 14 visits !

Owned by 37 players

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Ultimate Phantoms Difficulty Chart

The greatest difficulty chart in all polytoria
Explore 50 levels of pure fun!


Version 1.01
- Badges ! (Welcome, Effortless, Easier, Easy, Medium, Hard).. And more coming soon !

Version 1.00
- Autosave !
- Hard Difficulty
- 10 new levels

All scripted by fishen, thanks to her!

Shoutout to Index for sound script thingy and Emir for uploading the main game music!

Game will no longer receive updates.
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