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Butterfly Yoinker

Catch butterflies, earn pocket change.

Development started on the 22nd, attempted rapid entry for the Summer Game Jam, if i get it to an acceptable level by the 25th.

Credits: Myself - Scripting(Lua) Modeling, Dreamlord713 - Modeling

Bugs: Rarely, the game may decide not to give you a net on first join. Respawning fixes this.

Polytoria Bugs: Texture on non-brick meshes are stretched.
Models do not always scale properly when rescaled as a group.
Tools made of a grouped model sometimes block the camera for some reason, despite CanCollide being off.
Sometimes, the player's position is not accurate, and can result in the backpack being placed strangely.
Rarely, when there are too many players, the client may have a stroke and start putting players inside the floor.
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  • Aug 22, 2023
  • 10 months ago
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