there are many ways to never be lonely again 😃👍

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Oct 2022
1 year ago | 11 • By Ghost.Soldier

  1. make new friends in real life, and don't be shy when you talk to them have confidence, take them apart, and join them in places you enjoy

  2. take a break from social media; it may increase loneliness

  3. do something that you actually care about

  4. draw out your creative side activities, like drawing, listening to music, and improvising, for your mental health

  5. ghanging your environment can be a helpful way to distract yourself and alleviate feelings of loneliness. Get outside of the house and remind yourself that you ain't alone in this world

  6. while texting a friend may seem like the easiest way to communicate, it's important to remember the value of speaking to someone directly just a 10 minute phone call can go a long way towards alleviating feelings of loneliness

please feel free to add anything else to the list and let me know remember, it's important to trust your own opinion and not just rely on my ideas

Did you really know I didn't exist.