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Hello,I like to create an account on some online Lego game rip-offs.(yea,you probally get the idea)

Btw my username is also the same on other websites(most of the time)

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City(10thousand brick test)
City(10thousand brick test)

Very laggy,play at your own risk.Kinda,mostly does not support Laptop players due to the energy needed to load the fame.Play it at your own risk.

3 0 -

Survive the Zombies
Survive the Zombies

Just run away and hide from the zombie outbreak in a city!

6 0 100%


Some bricks giveaways are coming for members! Requirements for Certified YouTuber rank : - Made a polytoria video for the last 3 months. - At least 2 polytoria videos - At least 100 subscribers - Making a video advertising this guild





Sniping them names



THE BEST FREE CLOTHING 🔥🔥🔥🗣🗣💯 Give yourself any rank you want Polytoria Color Block:


The Stud Army

Hello, Welcome in the stud army, in this camp, we all hate bricks for taking our land and we want to take it back, if you like bricks, you will be kindly kicked out of this camp, enjoy


Cone Coalition

Here we gather as many cone owners as we can! All are welcome!


You have been gatored

We give back to the community!, if you've joined from an advertisement that has been posted around the site, please refer to the guild wall post and put the letter "W" to be entered into daily giveaways that occur frequently. These giveaways range from 5 Bricks - 50 Bricks or more! Soon we will also giveaway limited items but that is when the economy is more built.


Place achievements are coming soon!