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[IMPERIAL REMNANT: https://polytoria.com/guilds/448]

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Empty baseplate with big plushie

The title says it all [REMNANT: https://polytoria.com/guilds/448]

Sisyphus Simulator [V1]
Sisyphus Simulator [V1]

Push the boulder in defiance of the gods. WINNER LIST IS INGAME NOW Update: New in game leaderboard Join the guild to support sisyphus in his impossible quest: https://polytoria.com/guilds/448 thank you Emir for the awesome music on the background

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The Slums [V1]
The Slums [V1]

Many woes are to come, for those in imperial ground Game group: https://polytoria.com/guilds/392 https://polytoria.com/shop/20309 - the donation shirt!?!? To see more projects of mine, check this guild out: https://polytoria.com/guilds/448

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Polytoria Brasil

Fundada em 14/01/2024, somos a primeira comunidade brasileira de Polytoria! Guilda #1 da PolyBrasil ------------------------------------ Discord: https://discord.gg/cZZgcXX78E

Vessels of the Remnant

The Remnant has been experimenting with highly dangerous parasites for years in an attempt to harness their power for war, those who are allowed to maintain this symbiotic relationship in the name of The Remnant are given the title of "Vessel". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This is the inner circle of The Remnant, only the closest allies of The End may become a Vessel. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [THE REMNANT]: https://polytoria.com/guilds/448

Awakens Of QQQ

WE ARE THE AWAKENS OF QQQ! 2024 A.D. --------------------------------- May god have mercy upon our enemies, because we won't. Established on 3-6-2022, made to be the #1 clan of Polytoria. Communications: https://discord.gg/WuUTytfAFY --------------------------------- - Sergeant Major Command, QPQ


Bienvenido al grupo hispano, un grupo donde puedes sociabilizar con otros hispanos y liberarse del inglés. (Para reclamar tu rango de país ve a la parte que dice rangos y selecciona tu país de origen)

Dud's Imperial Remnant

This is a personal group I made originally to continue the legacy of a friend's guild, "The Polytovian Empire", overtime the objective has changed and now this group shall be used to upload more military-style clothing and to store any projects I have worked on. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Slums: https://polytoria.com/places/3416 Sisyphus Simulator: https://polytoria.com/places/4657 Plush: https://polytoria.com/places/7216 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Roblox Group: https://www.roblox.com/groups/15789236/Duds-awesome-fan-group#!/about Discord Server: N/A Vessels of the Remnant: https://polytoria.com/guilds/542


Welcome to mania! A guild with a bunch of different things. I like giving away bricks :-) This group is for the swaggest and most gangsterous of gangstas. Cool kids ONLY!!!!11! !! 500 BRICK GIVEAWAY WHEN THE GUILD HITS 100 MEMBERS, JOIN DISCORD SERVER FOR INFO ON WHEN IT HAPPENS !! https://youtube.com/@kmania08 JOIN THE DISCORD FOR GIVEAWAY NOTIFICATIONS AND MORE: https://discord.gg/upUZjy82Tw

Game Designers of Polytoria

Now with self-assignable ranks!

The Church Of Teapot

We worship the teapot Ranks are based on how teapot your avatar is and how devoted you are to the cause.