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About turmoil

if you send a trade for my low serials (serials 1-15) i probably won't accept it

❝ a state of great disturbance, confusion, or uncertainty. ❞

➥ i'm turmoil! (aka Polinal)

☆ i joined this site in 2020 while i was bored in school and became active like a year later
☆ i'm pretty active here, and i'm also on another sandbox sites, such as BrickPlanet, Brick Hill, and others.

☆ i like to collect low serials!

DM me if you'd like to friend me, I disabled my friend requests because of friend 'bots' & strangers.
Otherwise, if you're only trying to friend me for more friends, then friend https://polytoria.com/users/10547

turmoil's creations

unfinished tattletail house

i probably wont finish this

snal's island
snal's island

⛔ no longer updated ⛔ snal we worship snal snal is our god snal 4TH PLACE IN THE GAME JAM! Thank you!! used sketchfab as a reference for the house music used in the game is https://polytoria.com/store/27663 (Fisherman https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TxuiwQGY60o) entry for the summer game jam has no scripts took about 2-3 weeks (including breaks probably) to complete

334 0 97%

My Cool Guild

Deluxe out beats the poor. join the guild to agree

The Iscariot Family

Made for some people I found in a game, the concept they had seemed pretty interesting and I do hope it doesn’t die.

bruh clothes

namesnipe clan lol don't mind the name i will rank you personally

Rare Usernames

Welcome to Rare Usernames! Want to see what rank your username is? You can see it here! [ Ranking will be done in less than a week everytime ] We hit 1000 members! Thank you all so much! (SECOND GROUP EVER TO HIT 1K)

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