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https://discord.gg/wGdfvBM7MY Join Polytoria Giveaways!

Ben Blah Official Youtube Channel Group. ✅

1st place. 50 bricks
2nd place. 30 bricks
3rd place. 20 bricks
More information will be added...
I will have a shirts and pants they will all be®. All bricks and Studs made from the shirts and pants will be doing giveaways to [SUBSCRIBERS] only.
100% all clothing being added on the shop will be 100% homemade using by my paint edit!
Here is the channel link : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNY2Q2iPfCem3JoSXlj3TJw

How to get subscriber rank.. Well its very easy just post on the Guild wall saying that you subscribe to this channel link..
I will upload new videos next month when i feel like too. Or maybe even sooner just stay and enjoy the Guild.

Game Designers of Polytoria 

🧱🎨📜🔊🛠️ Game Designers of Polytoria 🛠️🔊📜🎨🧱

Band together with all your favorite game developers, and learn the art of building games on Polytoria!

All of the roles in the "Development Roles" section are open to everyone! Just comment which of the roles you'd like on the group wall, and an admin will rank you for free! You can feel free to pick either the role you're most talented in, or a role you want to pursue and get better at!

There are 4 role options:
🧱 Builder
🎨 Graphics
📜 Scripter
🔊 Sound Designer

Polytoria Showcase Guild 

Welcome to the official Polytoria Showcase Guild!

Usd's Crib

Join if you're hot

PM me for a role, or I'll rank randomly

I'll probably make some clothing soon if I can

2021/8/20 we reached funny number of members: 69

2021/9/30 we reached 100 congrats!

The goal is to get 300 members!