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Welcome to my profile! I'm (the best) developer and administrator on Polytoria. Other projects I work on are World to Build and BrickPlanet Patched. If you send me a friend request, I'll accept it. ð???


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Lily's Outlet

Lily's Outlet is a clothing guild run by Lily! Here you can find a plethora of quality and original clothing! All clothing pieces are made with care by our designers! Want to design? Message me (Lily) and we'll evaluate your clothing to see if you have the desired skill set! Want a certain piece of clothing made? Request it and one of our designs just might make it!


Get your level tested here!: Warning: to be ranked you must post the level you got + proof in the comments.

Polytoria Beta Testers

This is a guild for polytoria beta testers. if you are not a beta tester you will be ranked as "noob" cuz u are.


iTrade Being revived. 2021 (that is a lie I have no plans on reviving this sorry)

BrickPlanet Patched

The official fan club for BrickPlanet Patched.