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Animator, I somehow got a love for mathematics, I invented the color green, a site moderator on currently
Feel free to always talk to me if you have any issues with the discord server or the website.

Made a discussion with the CEO of Guangzhou Batterys Co., Ltd PKCELL
Pretty much considered a strict clan leader.
Getting site moderator + server mod
Getting my own game to 11+ players, therefore, crashing the servers.


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take one bag of sprite

arg group
microwaving grapes
we also love cats


we are :
• Everlast
• Emir
• ZStorm
• baggy
• Icicle
• Amorbis

achievements :

• first to complete polytoria's halloween 2022 arg

• second to complete polytoria's new year 2022 arg (gg caprisuns)

Pack Of Caprisuns

arg group

completed Halloween arg
completed new years arg first

100th QQQ's Infantry

2023 AD.
“Attack is the secret of defense; defense is the planning of an attack.”<br><br>

An infantry division whose primary intent is to deploy others in almost every operation, the commander is GR33N.

Dud's Imperial Remnant

[Group made for storing all projects I have worked on, including my own games and those I have cooperated with.]

The empire is abandoned. Our emperor is gone. But our spirit is not!

Projects of old: - Old map made for originalltawan's polytovia - Lighting usage test

Projects of a new era:

Rank info (unimportant):
Loyalist - Regular Member
Notable Loyalist - Member who has been recognized by mr dud himself
Veteran - Founders of old polytovia
Heir to the throne - The man

Clan Association

A new Era of Clans have Arrived on Polytoria!