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Welcome to the unofficial roblox clan
Guild Created: 2/5/22

Robloxian: When you join you get that role
Old Robloxian: Join roblox between 2006 - 2016, post in the guild wall for proof so I can add you to the role
As of 2/14/22 I will be no longer ranking people to it
at 3/1/22 I will be ranking everyone to old robloxian
OG Robloxian: You get that if you are first 5 members
Robloxian Admin: IDK what to do with that role
Robloxian Owner: The owner of this guild

Anime Enthusiasts

Welcome to Anime Enthusiasts!
This is a group where we talk about anime and manga!
The only rule for this group is : Have respect for each other!
Enjoy the group!

Game Designers of Polytoria 

🧱🎨📜🔊🛠️ Game Designers of Polytoria 🛠️🔊📜🎨🧱

Band together with all your favorite game developers, and learn the art of building games on Polytoria!

All of the roles in the "Development Roles" section are open to everyone! Just comment which of the roles you'd like on the group wall, and an admin will rank you for free! You can feel free to pick either the role you're most talented in, or a role you want to pursue and get better at!

There are 4 role options:
🧱 Builder
🎨 Graphics
📜 Scripter
🔊 Sound Designer

The Sandbox times

The Sandbox Communities finest news source.


The official guild for Polytoria