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Runescape’s Guild

Yoooooo welcome back to RuneScape’s Guild one of the Swag Guilds

Guild Founded July 3, 2022

The People who helped Contribute to this guild by donating are:
Usd (In Guild)
Bandito Burrito (Not in Guild)
wheredidmyvalgo (Not in Guild)
BokuDaGreat (In Guild)
Ben Blah (Not in Guild due to limit)

The Banned ranks shows either people who are terminated from this site, or people who are banned from my giveaways and cannot enter the giveaway.

Here I will also do giveaways. And I don't allow Annoying people, unfunny trolls, and people I despise to enter these giveaways. I sometimes giveaway a ton of studs. Fun Fact 1337 Legit begged me to unban him from my giveaways and he thought I would unban him lol that dude's never getting unbanned because he's unfunny and weird.

Redlava Fan club

Redlava Fan club

v6z's big fun group

v6z's big fun group

Brick Lovers

Daily giveaways, Many per day how to know if you win? just keep checking in on the group! We will host every so often so it's interesting.
The next giveaway starts at 15 members! :)
Chup - 500 Studs

Not all giveaways will be in studs many will be in bricks too! just wait until the group is funded by the owners!

Crabber Clan

Back in town