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Hello there! I am the creator of Polytoria!
I usually dont look at my chat messages. If you want to contact me, send me a message instead!
For support, please refer to our support team at [email protected] For bug reports and suggestions, please post in the Help section on the forums!



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Merlin's Cult

this is for merlin

- Merlin's Magic Staff: https://polytoria.com/shop/3016
- Fire Sorcerer Hat: https://polytoria.com/shop/4042
- Fire Sorcerer Shirt: https://polytoria.com/shop/4955
- Fire Sorcerer Pants: https://polytoria.com/shop/4956

Polytoria Staff 

Polytoria Staff

The Church Of Teapot

Praise the teapot. Love the teapot.

The original teapot guild.

Ranks are given based on how tea-based™ your avatar is

Game Designers of Polytoria 

🧱🎨📜🔊🛠️ Game Designers of Polytoria 🛠️🔊📜🎨🧱

Band together with all your favorite game developers, and learn the art of building games on Polytoria!

All of the roles in the "Development Roles" section are open to everyone! Just comment which of the roles you'd like on the group wall, and an admin will rank you for free! You can feel free to pick either the role you're most talented in, or a role you want to pursue and get better at!

There are 4 role options:
🧱 Builder
🎨 Graphics
📜 Scripter
🔊 Sound Designer