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Hey I’m Upside an official Polytoria Moderator feel free to send me a message if you need assistance or just have a casual chat! Thanks for looking at my profile.

Contact: N_RS#8180
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Redlava Fan club

Redlava Fan club

Polytoria Showcase Guild 

Welcome to the official Polytoria Showcase Guild!


🔥Owner: Trauma🔥
🔥Co Owner: Wiz🔥
🔥WHAT IS POLY DUELS? Poly duels is a group
🔥dedicated to the Polytoria sword fighting community!
🔥we plan on hosting tournaments with prize pools up to 10k bricks!
🔥stay tuned :)


Welcome to Polytradia this is the guild of the upcoming Polytoria Trading website and discord community, feel free to join our discord community below and stay tuned for upcoming updates soon!

Polytoria Developers

Polytoria Developers!

Greetings, and welcome to Polytoria Developers! Are you a developer and you would like to show off your game visits? This is the guild for you! Join this guild and someone from our ranking team will rank you in to your correct position!

Ranking Guide: