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not a direct administrative of the wiki but i do work on some of the pages, i own a bunch of name snipes n stuff
im also the host of steamy news


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Rating Name-Snipes, As a Name-sniper of my own i will rate you name-snipes accurately

Normal Name = Have a Normal Name
Rare Name = Have a decently Rare Name
Epic Name = Have an AMAZING Name, Not the end tho
Legendary Name = Have an Absolutely Legendary Name
Country Name = Have a Country's Name [For Example Poland] + You can Pick Legendary if you dont want country name as your rating as there is are only 196 Countries out there

Rare username

This is my first time being a group
I will update this group with better role soon
and I need arties to make new logo
Guys If went to be rare user name make a other account that very hard to make

Normal Name = Have name like Alex1223

Cool Name = Have a name Natin

Rare Name - Have name like IceCold

3 Letter Name - Have a name like Q_o

4 Letter Name - Have a name like 4ord

Legendary Name - Have a name like Battlefield

Real Words - Have a name like House

Number Only Name - Have a name like 123144

* New update for the group added Cool Name, 3 Letter Name, 4 Letter Name and Number Only name * Date 13/04/2022


Omo-chi is a Sword fighting clan in Polytoria. We praise honor and tradition.
Initiated in 2022 26th Frebruary.
Current Lord: Damir
Tryouts: Closed


🔥Owner: Trauma🔥
🔥Co Owner: Wiz🔥
🔥WHAT IS POLY DUELS? Poly duels is a group
🔥dedicated to the Polytoria sword fighting community!
🔥we plan on hosting tournaments with prize pools up to 10k bricks!
🔥stay tuned :)