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Dud's Imperial Remnant

[Group made for storing all projects I have worked on, including my own games and those I have cooperated with.]

The empire is abandoned. Our emperor is gone. But our spirit is not!

Projects of old: - Old map made for originalltawan's polytovia - Lighting usage test

Projects of a new era:

Rank info (unimportant):
Loyalist - Regular Member
Notable Loyalist - Member who has been recognized by mr dud himself
Veteran - Founders of old polytovia
Heir to the throne - The man


A group for my games

Polytoria Showcase Guild 

Welcome to the official Polytoria Showcase Guild!


Welcome to mania, basically a guild mania the mania.
Official discord:
The official game for this guild is here:
Giveaway Logs:
50 BRICKS - Won by Partisan!

v6z's big fun group

v6z's big fun group