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best clan on polytoria and best teapot clan of all time

bricks for ads left - 10.2k what

We regained the title of 8th biggest clan 💪💪💪 200 members!!! Ya!!

Welcome to the land of tea.

Tea is good

Open your eyes to the true divinity and holiness of tea.

If you wanna get teapot head rank just join (or rejoin if you got it after you had already joined or if i didnt notice) and wear the teapot head hat and i will rank you within 1-3(this is likely no longer accurate since i only come on this site like once a month now) days

HOW I RANK - I usually just rank randomly so if I like your avatar or username ill probably just rank you up just cause i feel like it but if you don't get ranked up it's nothing personal lol
you can always just retry for a rerank by leaving and rejoin if u want

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