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Usd's Crib

Join if you're hot

PM me for a role, or I'll rank randomly

I'll probably make some clothing soon if I can

2021/8/20 we reached funny number of members: 69

2021/9/30 we reached 100 congrats!

The goal is to get 300 members!


Ben Blah Official Youtube Channel Group. ✅

NOTE: No more giveaways due to the lack of bricks.

vvvv Newest giveaway vvvv
Won 150 bricks [Bosnia]

Won 100 bricks [Neen6667]
Won 250 bricks [macnceese311]
Won 300 bricks [Joeseph]
Won 55 bricks [yes0ne]
Won 55 bricks [6lx]
Won 100 bricks [0.0]
Won 85 bricks [Snowman]
Won 25 bricks [timeryar]
Won 25 bricks [captaonsauce]
Won 45 bricks [epic gamer]
Won 55 bricks [Reginald]
Won 55 bricks [Hen]
Won 275 bricks [Joeseph]
Goal to donate 10,000 bricks one day.
All bricks donated equals to 1,595bricks.
CAnt just see more giveaways soon?
More information will be added...
I will have shirts and pants they will all be®. All bricks and Studs made from the shirts and pants will be doing giveaways to [SUBSCRIBERS] only.
100% all clothing being added to the shop will be 100% homemade using a paint edit!
Here is the channel link:

How to get subscriber rank... Well, it's very easy just to post on the Guild wall saying that you subscribe to this channel link...
I will upload new videos next month when I feel like it too. Or maybe even sooner just stay and enjoy the Guild.


The official guild for Polytoria