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Trade is a group where you can find and talk with other traders.

Trade Hangout!:

500,000 Value
100,000 Value
50,000 Value
20,000 Value
10,000 Value
7,000 Value
5,000 Value
1,000 Value
100 Value
No Value
Role Pending - u will get role within 24hrs or erlier

if u want to update your role just message me or comment below

Game:Trade Hangout!

Polytoria Showcase Guild 

Welcome to the official Polytoria Showcase Guild!

Namesnipe Guild

Ignore the name, this is becoming a trading/ clothing group, website and discord coming very soon, join us today!

Forumers of Polytoria

Get ranked based off the amount of posts you have.
I'll be actively checking your forum posts, to make sure you are at the rank you deserve.... :)