Ben Blah

About Ben Blah

I'm no fool...
I just started to build on here..
I buy items..
I spend to much money on here. lolz
I love Polytoria!
I make Polytoria videos.
I'm 14 years old so i'm not a old man
**HIRED** [Maybe one day]
Doing the artwork for, [Poly Plus]
don't stop me now

1000 test

2000 tea

3000 tea




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DevPixels Clothing Guild!

Welcome to DevPixels Clothing Guild! 👕👖

⭐ We create simple but cool shirt and pants! Any kind of clothing! ⭐

Poly Plus

More information will be added about Poly +


THANKS TO @BANDITOBURRITO I can finally afford a guild.
I appreciate the dono from him alot. I got 240 bucks i dont know what to use on.


Polycards is card(t shirts) that you can buy using bricks/studs (AFTER 2 DAYS OF THE CARD RELEASE THEY GO OFFSALE AND THEN YOU MESSAGE ME AND TELL ME THE PRICE OF THE CARD AND THE NAME OF IT) !!!you get 70% of the value and +25% of taxes, !!!IN SHORT THEY WORK LIKE LIMITEDS)

Polytoria DevForum

-- This is the non-official housing of the Polytoria Developer Forum community. --

Givin' you a warm welcoming to the Polytoria Devforum! Here you can discuss about your future projects, game concepts, whatever you imagine! If you want help with your game, make sure to join the discord server created by the creator of Polytoria.

-- ROLES --

Aiming for a regular other than member?
You need to create 2+ games or more, it can't be a empty baseplate, or a lazy-made game otherwise you're not qualified for the rank.

Looking to get a leader role?
You need to at least have 5+ games or just simply 1 game which is detailed very well.
Same as the regular role requirements, your 5+ games can't be lazy-made, or just be a simple baseplate, or either a 1-brick on the baseplate

-- LINKS -- (Currently not up, i'll remove this message when it's back-up.) ( Not mine, this is basically willems server. )