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Polinal i think
i like donating to people and ill usually buy gifts if i have money


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As featured in showcase #1, Teamen
the best clan on Polytoria
the best teapot clan of all time

bricks for ads left - 9.8k what

Welcome to the land of tea.
Tea is good.
Tea is holy.

free cloth V

rejoin if you want rerank

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What year did you join? Represent it, and maybe even flex it here!

Note: The "2018" rank is awarded to users that have a join date of 04/14/2019.

Awarded "Guild of the Week" on May 4th, 2021!

Kengie's Community

Welcome to my community!

Hello there, my name is Kengie! I'm the owner of this great guild! I have some important stuff that I would like you to read before you join Kengie's Community the most important thing that I want from everyone is I want to make sure this is a safe and fun guild for everyone.

Guilt Name: Kengie's Community
Guilt ID: 275
Creation of Guilt: Thursday, July 22, 2021, at 11:13
The Guilt Dream: Our goal is to have lots of members! Have lots of fun memories! And to make every member into a legend!

- Non-toxic, friendly, helpful, community
- High quality, great clothing
- Daily ranking
- Giveaways
- Events

Be respectful and helpful.
Do not be hateful to anyone.
Do not be mean to anyone.
Do not cause drama.
Don't be a troll.
Do not spam the guild wall.
Do not advertise on the guild wall. (This includes not limited to, guild advertising, user advertising, social advertising, clothing advertising, item advertising, etc).
Do not ask for roles.
Do not use any type of inappropriate language or behavior on this guild or Polytoria itself.
Please do not join and leave the guild over and over again.

- Great Member: A user that joins the guild.
- Cool Member: A user that buys 5 pieces of clothing.
- Epic Member: A user that buys 10 pieces of clothing.
- Awesome Member: A user that buys 20-30 pieces of clothing.
- Super Member: A user that buys 40-50 pieces of clothing.
- Notable Member: A user that buys 60-70 pieces of clothing.
- Contribute Member: A user that buys 80-90 pieces of clothing.
- Blue Star Member: A user that buys 100-1000+ pieces of clothing.
- Star Member: A very well-known member that the community looks up to.
- Red Star Member: An official Polytoria staff member.
- Designer: A user that helps me make clothing for the guild.
- Admin: A user that helps me manage the guild.
- Owner: Just me! :D (Kengie)

CURRENT CLOTHING: 37 clothing (purchasable)

Discord: Coming soon.
YouTube: Coming soon.
Twitter: Coming soon.


Welcome to Armorist. We are a collaboration of several users with a passion to ensure Polytoria is safe for all ages.

Investigators investigate issues/offenses/offenders and send their findings to Moderators/Admins to be reviewed and have appropriate action taken.
Spies gather information that they can then send to the Investigators.
Scam Hunters look for scams around the Polytoria site and report them.
Reporters report rall and any rule breaking content
All roles are equal, none is higher than the other.

Specify which role suits you the best.