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mania is my wife

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block placing game (open for testing lolz)
block placing game (open for testing lolz)

very basic currently. adding more soon. also, no need to make your own building tools. i'll release the model for this when i finish.

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Sword Fights On The Heights
Sword Fights On The Heights

Become da best sword fighter evar on da hights!

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In Space -OBBY- (Modded and fixed)
In Space -OBBY- (Modded and fixed)

Original by felix here: https://polytoria.com/games/124

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Sniping them names


Welcome to mania! A guild with a bunch of different things. I like giving away bricks :-) This group is for the swaggest and most gangsterous of gangstas. Cool kids ONLY!!!!11! !! 500 BRICK GIVEAWAY WHEN THE GUILD HITS 100 MEMBERS, JOIN DISCORD SERVER FOR INFO ON WHEN IT HAPPENS !! https://youtube.com/@kmania08 JOIN THE DISCORD FOR GIVEAWAY NOTIFICATIONS AND MORE: https://discord.gg/upUZjy82Tw

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Now with self-assignable ranks!

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Welcome to Rare Usernames! Want to see what rank your username is? You can see it here! Past names do not count! Only current username. We hit 1000 members! Thank you all so much! (SECOND GROUP EVER TO HIT 1K)