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Sentiment Analysis Neural Network Demo

NOTE: Training duration depends on your CPU (cause we obviously cant use the GPU in polytoria lol) This is a simple demo neural network that analyzes the sentiment of a sentence. The training data is very small, so dont expect crazy good results lol. I tried at least making the training data 30 sentences but that took AGES to train. u can export model but not import yet

Wait For Badges Simulator [233 badges for FREE]
Wait For Badges Simulator [233 badges for FREE]

Get 233 FREE and EASY badges, for doing absolutely nothing but wait! You will get ~40 badges per minute (because of ratelimit) Note: There might be achievements that dont show up in the list yet, these are not approved yet. You can still claim them, and they will appear as "Pending" in your inventory until approved by the staff. Also check out @Index Badge Walk for even MORE badges!

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run lil bro....
run lil bro....

This is an early version of "run lil bro..." a game about running! The plates below you desolve as you step on them, so you need to be fast to avoid dying! Compete against other players to see who can survive for longer!

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Blocks Unlimited [SIZE UPDATE]
Blocks Unlimited [SIZE UPDATE]

Blocks Unlimited is a remake of the "Blocks" game by nebylet ( with improved controls and most importantly: NO LIMITS! Build as fast and how much you want, for completely FREE. Your imagination is the limit! The only gamepasses that will be added soon is custom texturing with any decal you want! UPDATE: Changing the size to 2x2 or 8x8 IS NOW POSSIBLE, allowing for MORE creativity and increased building speed! Planned updates: - Full color wheel - More materials to choose from - Custom decal gamepass

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Dodge some Bullets
Dodge some Bullets

Reach your Highscore in this very fun and entertaining original game! fishen did it!! THE PRO GAMER REACHER 300 SECONDS!!!

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indexing in process


indexing in process


indexing in process


indexing in process


indexing in process

Jane cult

blood sacrficies and illegal drugs

Temple Of Faces

-- πŸ“šInformation Hello there πŸ‘‹πŸ»! Welcome to the Temple Of Faces. Here find a lot of informations about face as well as an unique ranking system based on your face collection! -- ✨Ranking ⭐0 | Faceless / Not ranked ⭐ 10 | Novice Collector ⭐ 50 | Starter Collector ⭐ 100 | Average Collector ⭐ 150 | Experienced Collector ⭐ 200 | Handsome Collector ⭐ Inf ( Owning Every Faces ) | True collectors How to earn stars πŸ€”? You earn stars by collecting more and more faces Every faces have a given star value ( I only count 1 faces of every type ) : - Normal faces | ⭐ 5 - Limited Time Faces | ⭐ 20 - Collectibles | ⭐10-40 based on how rare they are --πŸ₯³ Faces Stats Face count : 31 - 4 offsale : Clover, Scarface, Vampire, Bloxtopia

Faces Collectors

Part of the Collector's Hub [⚠ PLEASE HAVE INVENTORY ON] This guild is a tracker of how many faces you have! Join the guild to be ranked based on the amount of current faces you own. Want a re-rank? No problem! Just rejoin the guild. The ranks are as follows: Newbie Collector β€’ 0 - 5 F Novice Collector β€’ 5 - 9 F Normal Collector β€’ 9 - 11 F Pro Collector β€’ 11 - 14 F Spectacular Collector β€’ 14 - 18 F Godlike Collector β€’ 18 - 21 F Superior Collector β€’ 21 - 25 F Divine Collector β€’ 25 - 28 F Collector Extraordinaire β€’ 28+ F Rank names and ranks fluctuate based on how many faces there are. Find the Collector's Hub here. no link for you!!! wip!! collectin faces is mah passion


Grass refers to a group of plants that typically have narrow leaves, grow close to the ground, and often form dense turf. They are commonly found in lawns, meadows, and pastures. Grasses belong to the family Poaceae (formerly known as Gramineae) and are one of the most widespread plant types on Earth, playing crucial roles in ecosystems, including providing food for many herbivores and stabilizing soil. They come in various species, each with unique characteristics and adaptations to different environments. Grasses are also economically important, serving as food for livestock, sources of forage, and materials for various industries, including landscaping, paper production, and biofuel.

Achievement Collectors

"Perseverance provides everything." We Collect Achievementsβ„’ [⚠ PLEASE HAVE YOUR INVENTORY PUBLIC] This guild is a friendly community dedicated to tracking the most accomplished achievement collectors! Join to be ranked based how many achievements you currently own. Want a re-rank? No problem! Set your rank to pending or rejoin the guild. The ranks are as follows: Newbie Collector β€’ 0 - 5 Achv. Novice Collector β€’ 6 - 15 Achv. Normal Collector β€’ 16 - 30 Achv. Pro Collector β€’ 31 - 50 Achv. Spectacular Collector β€’ 51 - 75 Achv. Godlike Collector β€’ 76 - 105 Achv. Superior Collector β€’ 106 - 140 Achv. Divine Collector β€’ 141 - 180 Achv. Master Collector β€’ 181 - 225 Achv. Grandmaster Collector β€’ 226 - 325 Achv. Collector Extraordinaire β€’ 325+ Achv. IMPORTANT: All of these achievement counts are from baron's Achievement Counter game, meaning achievements from "Badge Walk" games will not count toward your total!


Welcome to List of Values: Everlast, your #1 reliable source for Trading & Economy information! Our Discord Server : PROVISORY VALUE LIST (website in the works) : Founded 4/1/24 Courtesy to @Drake for the Name, Logo and Banner!


BLEHHHHHH :P, so silly

Game Designers of Polytoria

Now with self-assignable ranks!

πšπš‘πšŽ πšœπšŽπšŒπš›πšŽπš πšœπš‘πš˜πšŒπš”πšŽπš 𝚌𝚊𝚝 πšπšžπš’πš•πš

Polytoria Welcome Committee

The official welcome committee πŸ‘‰ A committee official will post a link to a new player's profile πŸ™Œ Leave a friendly note on the player's wall ☺ Feel free to send a friend request to the new player! official chat room ( ->

Cone Coalition

Here we gather as many cone owners as we can! All are welcome!

Rare Item Owners



Own a lot of our clothing? DM Periastron for a higher rank. Generated over 950+ sales of free clothing given away like 2 bricks on the groups behalf so far (we dont make much money we only have like 2 shirts that actually cost bricks