"Me in me inside i me inside bus train, uh inside boat i mean car."
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Hi im Dogemin but you can call me Doge, I make games, code, Build maps, And Play games, Im not the music kind of guy but "Good day" by Ice cube Slaps i like Calisthenics (Body weight exercises) I am not shreded but i think i got a decent build, and i Also Draw stuff, I have over 30+ Projects to be made still, I make videos to youtube My favorite hobby is probably Gaming tbh, I going outside always helps me to think things through!

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Dogemin's FUN Obby: NEW YearπŸŽ‰

Dogemin's FUN obby is back, and soon this year will end! so let's jump into the UPDATE to check what's new! EVENT ADDITIONS: * Now even the lasers are festive: Each has now new colors!⚑ * The Chicken Coop has now Colorfull lights! πŸ” * The pigs are ready for the new year: with new colors! 🐷 * The sky is now dark with Stars Glowing🌟 * The Atmosphere was changed to Blue! β˜„ * New Texts added to Larry related to new year!πŸ€— * Larry now wears white! βšͺ * HAPPY 2024 Was added to the sky! πŸ₯³ Game Adittions: * The chicken coop now has a new look! πŸ“ * Larry now changed Text in Stage 1! and Stage 3!πŸ™ƒ * There are now trees outside🌳 * There is now an EVENT LOG! * Now there is wheat outside LEVEL 2! 🌾 _____________ IMPORTANT: The Cave update won't be comming out RN, why? i have other more important things to do; Make my Roblox horror game and Work on my youtube channel, so please be pacient i dont want to work on DFO Right now. If you find a bug or you don't like something in the game in general Dont just leave a dislike (If you would) Leave a FeedBack in the Game's Wall!

Face collectors

new face collector guild named temple of faces this one is out dated! the first and worst face guild How many faces do you have?? (have inventory on or no cool rank real!1!) ranking system if u have under 5 Ur a noob collector if you have 6 - 10 ur a average collector if you have 11 - 19 Ur a pro collector 20 - 26 is a superior collector 27 - 31 is a Unreal collector 32+ is a god collector

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We give back to the community!, if you've joined from an advertisement that has been posted around the site, please refer to the guild wall post and put the letter "W" to be entered into daily giveaways that occur frequently. These giveaways range from 5 Bricks - 50 Bricks or more! Soon we will also giveaway limited items but that is when the economy is more built.


Huge Games coming !! - Natural Disaster on Polytoria - Doors on Polytoria - EpicMinigames on Polytoria

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Owned by far & Bandito Burrito since Apr 15 23. Hosted by Everlast since Apr 19 23. Want to be re-ranked quicker? Assign yourself to the "TBR" role! β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€”β€” Join the server today! Guild of the Month - Polytoria Showcase #16


Welcome to mania! A guild with a bunch of different things. I like giving away bricks :-) This group is for the swaggest and most gangsterous of gangstas. Cool kids ONLY!!!!11! !! 500 BRICK GIVEAWAY WHEN THE GUILD HITS 100 MEMBERS, JOIN DISCORD SERVER FOR INFO ON WHEN IT HAPPENS !! JOIN THE DISCORD FOR GIVEAWAY NOTIFICATIONS AND MORE:


discontinuation of this here guild happen wowzaz

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