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About Tommo

hi, I'm tommo, call me tom if you want, I'm a 14 year old artist and stuff and it's safe to say, I'm leaving polytoria due to wanting to move on beyond Roblox Knockoffs, Thank for the support you guys have to me during that time anyway, bye and see y'all

Tommo's creations

Jellystone Park [The Duck Update]

Welcome to Jellystone Park, A place where you can camp, have picnics, and play fun activities, have fun and whatever you do, don't feed the bears

Dexter's House
Dexter's House

This is an game made to showcase my building skills and i decided to build dexter's house from dexter's lab

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Polytoria Values

Owned by far & Bandito Burrito since Apr 15 23. Hosted by Everlast since Apr 19 23. Want to be re-ranked quicker? Assign yourself to the "TBR" role! ——————————————————————————— Join the server today! Guild of the Month - Polytoria Showcase #16

The Church Of Teapot

We worship the teapot Ranks are based on how teapot your avatar is and how devoted you are to the cause.

The Stud Army

Hello, Welcome in the stud army, in this camp, we all hate bricks for taking our land and we want to take it back, if you like bricks, you will be kindly kicked out of this camp, enjoy

The Polytoria Archive Thread

Hi, Welcome to Polytoria Archive, In the server, we archive polytoria history from bloxtopia, Superium and polytoria, we have also archive every single item before the economy reset, the discord link below to find out more

Game Designers of Polytoria

Now with self-assignable ranks!

Old Users

Joined Polytoria 4 years ago? Join the guild and flex your account age! Joined Polytoria yesterday? Join the guild to become apart of community! You see, to us the preservation of Polytoria is our mission! To obtain the "2018" rank, your join date must be April 14, 2019

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