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Hello, im MrMalos! im happy to support polytoria by playing!

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Survive Bob The Killer

Survive Bob The Killer is that type of game, i have nothing else to say.

Castle BlocksBurg
Castle BlocksBurg

this is a set made for the 2022 halloween event, so its SpOoKy, you can still check it out if you want i will also make it copyable after the event is over so if you like it remember that. Update: im a man of my word, it is now copyable if you wish to do something with it, have fun. Note: A lighting update broke this a little so....

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Krusty Krab [Social Hang Out]
Krusty Krab [Social Hang Out]

go social with your friends in the krusty krab!

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BeachSide Battles (0.0.1)
BeachSide Battles (0.0.1)

Fight with your Friends near the beach with Swords! Updates will come soon! if you have any suggestions put them in the comments i cant read them all but i will try my best!

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