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About Excel

Living life the best I can like everyone else :)

I visit this website every few months to see what's happening.

Polytoria Values

Owned by far & Bandito Burrito since Apr 15 23. Hosted by Everlast since Apr 19 23. Want to be re-ranked quicker? Assign yourself to the "TBR" role! ——————————————————————————— Join the server today! https://discord.gg/bWTWJQUjVP Guild of the Month - Polytoria Showcase #16

Game Designers of Polytoria

Now with self-assignable ranks!

The Church Of Teapot

We worship the teapot Ranks are based on how teapot your avatar is and how devoted you are to the cause.

Rare Usernames

Welcome to Rare Usernames! Want to see what rank your username is? You can see it here! We hit 1000 members! Thank you all so much! (SECOND GROUP EVER TO HIT 1K)


Sniping them names

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