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CyA's creations

Prop Hunt

Play as a prop blending into the environment or a hunter seeking them out. THE GAME IS STILL NOT PERFECT, EXPECT BUGS.


Half-Life 1 but on Polytoria! RECOMMENDED TO BE PLAYED ALONE Still work in progress, expect bugs! -WIP Elevator -Added lights

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Flood Escape
Flood Escape

Escape the place before it gets flooded! Egg of Flooding Point boost is back. Wear the Egg of Flooding to get 25% more Points! (Thanks to QQQ and pomatthew for helping me with scripting)

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McDonalds [Update 2.1]
McDonalds [Update 2.1]

Welcome to McDonalds! - Map Borders, + Tunnels! - Added more buildings! - Bushes! - Removed some buildings at the McDonald's Side - Added a Shop - Added some Streetlights - Added a Roof for the back of McDonald's, recolored the enterance

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monky are summoning you
monky are summoning you

monky summon monky summon monky summon monky summon

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a tree what i made and now an island (bushes are inspired by Valley Of Apples V2)

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