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About Butterscotch

Iā€™m not a casualty.

My name Butters and I use forum and uh uhm i forgor šŸ’€


Limiteds I want the most (In order from most to least expensive): (these prolly dont exist anymore lmao)
-Monkey Emoji Mask
-Space Banana
-Purple Party Hat
-Pink Rockstar
-Chocolate Cake Top Hat
-Passive Warrior Egg
-Purple Bowler
-Rab's Hat of Time
-Gas Mask

Butterscotch's creations

beat an obby to make mom proud

you must survive a perilous journey to the end of time to get your mom back, and perhaps an item of great power.

Reginald's Bowling Alley
Reginald's Bowling Alley

Original from DevPixels!

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Dive Into Nothing
Dive Into Nothing

it's uh uhm i forgor šŸ’€

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Butters' Hangout
Butters' Hangout

Update 3: Changed name and thumbnail Replaced trampoline with better one Moved and improved dropper Added new car Added a table in the treehouse Moved secret Added another secret

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