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Client troubleshooting

willemsteller Admin
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Apr 2019
2 years ago | 401 • By willemsteller
Important post

If the client doesn't launch and reinstalling leads you to the games page, use this guide!

Press the Windows button + R on your keyboard. This should bring up the "Run" window.
Enter: %appdata%

Find the "Polytoria" folder and delete it.

Open the installer again. You should now be able to play games!

Hello! I'm the creator of Polytoria!

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Apr 2019
2 years ago • By sythe

Windows Defender might say "Windows protected your PC...", this is because the Client's Installer has not been run by a lot of users. To continue, click More info, then Run anyway.

Now in the Odd chance that you do not have this option, you must do the following:
1 - Open up Windows Security Settings
2 - Click on App & browser control
3 - Under the "Check Apps and Files" section, select the Warn option. (if already selected, contact us)
4 - Run the Client Installer again
After this, you should be able to play games properly now! :D